Historic Landslide For GOP Ongoing – 71+ House Seats to Switch

God Bless America and her people's voice as is being expressed today

As has been well-documented by other online journalists, both recently and during the runup to the passage of Obamacare, the Democratic Party is finally paying the ultimate price for ignoring the will of the American people today. As voting continues this afternoon, many media personalities are attempting to manipulate the American people into foregoing today’s vote, but the American public appears to have finally smartened up to the base Marxist impulses of the current leaders of the Democratic party.

One can only hope, and pray, that the historic smackdown being received by the Democrats in today’s midterm elections will teach the insiders of the Democratic party to avoid such anti-American, Marxist policy advocacy in the future. Today’s election landslide should not completely be seen as an endorsement of GOP policies, however, as both parties must now put aside their idiotic partisanship and cooperate to create the necessary business environment in America so as to allow investment money properly flow back into job-creating endeavors. All Americans, and those folks in America via legal immigration, surely are praying that the fatcat federal politicians finally are getting their wakeup call from the American voting public and act accordingly in the nation’s best interest instead of their own. Perhaps God is finally smiling down on America again with today’s election and we can once again be that shining City on the Hill, an example to the rest of the world to follow.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Landslide For GOP Ongoing – 71+ House Seats to Switch”

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