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About is a site dedicated to providing truly objective information regarding and analysis of the American political system and the major issues of the day.  Unlike the traditional media, plays no favorites in its reporting and instead is solely focused on disseminating unbiased data to all those with an interest in American politics and a desire to more fully understand the critical issues of our times.

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7 Responses to “About”

  1. Mr. Follies says:

    You have a nice website dear sir. I’m actually impressed.

    You are still a douchebag however. Good day.

  2. Terri Fisk says:

    I like the site but I can’t say that you are totally “centristnet”. My respect (and happiness) with you depends on who you’re attacking…

  3. AHFF Geoff says:

    Well, I do my best to call it straight.

  4. AHFF Geoff says:

    Well thanks Mr. Follies. :)

  5. R says:

    Your blog is now on my favorites page. Good stuff. I look forward to seeing the improvements and progress of your site in the near future.

  6. Excellent website. Cogent and succinct.

  7. SLP says:

    Hardly Centrist. Objective? You really think so? Not!

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