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Uncertain Third Rock from the Sun: Earth, the land of the humans

October 20th, 2010 by AHFF Geoff



Faith and beliefs reside in some who snooze
So many choices which to choose

You see that is the problem with Earth today
Too much hate and war not enough play
A thing that may unite us is a simple creed
One God exists to which to plead
Perhaps the same God of many religions
Meaning our hate and wars are unnecessary collisions
of stupid motherfucking human morons who hate each other for idiotic racist reasons

you see, we need peace and live love between all humans
Under God watchful eye and the Moon is all lumans
We must stop killing each and realize
We are all the same race – humans.


too bad most of the fucking human race fails to see that.

oh well….too bad so fucking sad.

And that’s my best poem ever biatches

best woman i know so far to try to marry someday

best woman i know so far in the Ukraine

JGA-Dateline Roswell Georgia USA August 2016


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World of Constant Sorrow in Roswell, Georgia, USA

August 18th, 2016 by AHFF Geoff


August 15th, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

Breaking News from @centristnet – Islamic State aka ISIS forces worldwide losing on most fronts: via @YouTube

— Geoff Anderson (@Gification) August 15, 2016


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Idiot-Savant Media Still Worshipping Obama as Public Rejects His Agenda

June 2nd, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

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Super Tuesday: End of the Line for Everyone but Trump and Clinton

March 1st, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

Yeller on Yeller

Sadly, the primary season is over. Results are about to start pouring in, and America is about to be “treated” to a Trump v. Clinton slugfest of gigantic negative proportions.

Barry won over Mitt with the “Kill Romney” strategy – which was just attack Romney the entire 2012 campaign.

Now, both candidates are going to do that to each other from tomorrow until November 8, 2016.

The ads will be fast and furious, and the extreme left wing media, which is all of it except Fox cable, will scream about Trump’s negativity while applauding Hillary’s “guile” in being negative.

That’s all folks………………….America failed because Ted or Bernie are better people than the ones who are set to sweep away all legitimate competition tonight.


IT’s all over but the crying………………….Donny or Hilldawg? YOU Decide……….

No Bounce for Cruz in New Hampshire – Rubio gets a Plus 7

February 5th, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

A very sad Ted Cruz – all work in Iowa and no bounce. Ted’s field operations troops better man up in NH!!!

Looks like the Cruz bounce theory, regarding New Hampshire at least, is overstated.

No bounce at all in NH – 7% for Cruz…but Rubio did pop a bit.

Nationally, Cruz actually went down two points from the prior Quinnipiac poll…and got a plus 3 from PPP from prior to Iowa polling.  Look for the national media to catch up to my analysis soon and attack Cruz with all they got.  Still, Cruz can win versus either Sanders or Clinton because he’s young and they are ancient. 🙂

I suppose Cruz is going to need an Northeastern moderate Republican as a VP – Scott Brown, the red phone is ringing…



LOL; Spec Forces Super PAC claims HRC about to indicted – real or fake?

February 5th, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

Do the Democrats respect these guys at all? I know the GOP base does. :P

Seems like wishful thinking, I doubt the FBI has the balls to actually indict HRC, although he did commit much worse crimes that General Petraeus and he was forced to plead out to a misdemeanor and resign. All he did is screw the wrong chick and then somehow that ends his career? The greatest military career of any post-cold war officer in the United States military?


And BTW, how much “classified information” did Bill Clinton pass on to his mistresses, like Monica, during his Presidency? How much did Hillary pass on during her “dalliances” with Huma?

Of course, the Clintons always have and apparently always will think they remain above the law and not subject to same. Remember the debate over the definition of what “is” is?

And the General is the best damn General America had, and still is, but he has to sit on the sidelines after winning the Iraqi war in 2006-2009. Even Slow-Joe Biden admitted this, and hilariously enough, Slow Joe claimed that Petraeus’s victory in Iraq was somehow Obama’s accomplishment (despite the defeatist caucus of Democrats trying to pull funding from 2003-2008, which included Hilldawg and Barry Obama)

Of course, if you listen to Hilldawg and Barry today, Islamic State is somehow Bush’s fault. Square that circle, media. LOL. The war was won, clearly, by the 2008 election. And now its Bush’s fault? Hasn’t America had enough of ridiculously bad Democratic foreign policy, which resulted in the collapse of Iraq, Syria and Libya? So much for smart power from Samantha Power. Maybe the Administration needs to read the Foreign Policy magazine, the conservative authors, some. Or talk to my old Professor Schecterman at University of Miami, Florida. Or any foreign policy realists. Such morons in the Administration foreign policy wing. That’s what you get when you let Axelrod into the Situation Room, right?

Why should Hillary not be subject to the same rule of law as General Petraeus? Is this not one nation, under laws that apply equally under the Bill of Rights and the text of the Constitution of the United States?

As I have previously stated, she should have pled to a misdemeanor when this first came out. I, of course, was all over it and the old media whined and cried.

Sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime, Hillary. You should have learned that being a Watergate counsel. LOL

Post time: Election 2016 Is Off and Running – JGA Predictions – UPDATES: Cruz wins historic victory; Sanders close to Upset

February 1st, 2016 by AHFF Geoff

The Four Douchebags of the 2016 American Great Horserace for the Presidency

It is nearly post time in Iowa – Final Predictions:


Cruz over Trump by a nose – the GOP base in Iowa will turn out for Cruz – changes the dynamics of the race and makes it truly up in the air.  Rubio comes in third, giving him hope for NH – But its really a two man race unless Rubio mans up quick.  Polling shows Trump slightly ahead, but I do not trust it – too many crossover voters will not show up because they have lives and better things to do than sit around in line at a caucus. Too bad for Trump its not a real election, just a caucus.


Sanders over Clinton by 3 points – again, the base of the Dems likes Sanders better – because the base of the Democratic party is so very left wing and extremist right now in their wacky ideology.  Final polling averages on also show Clinton ahead, but I like the underdogs tonight to stun establishment media and fatcat lobbyist wanna be experts like CNN and MSNBC and Fox analysts tonight.

Where oh where is the Democratic Leadership Conerence or DLC now? Hillary Rodham Clinton sure wishes they still existed.


All indications point towards a long nomination contest, with the latest polling again showing that “conventional wisdom” of Trump as winner of Iowa and Clinton as the “inevitable nominee” again is absolutely false, as is the usual result of the “groupthink” of the old, pathetic and herd-mentality media.

Congrats to the Cruz and Sanders field operatives, who are the true heros of the coming victory tonight in the Iowa caucuses for their bosses.

Get ready America, its a real race, despite what the Clinton old media like Stephanopolis says – Hillary could become the first nominee to be “inevitable” twice and lose both times.  Is there another Barack waiting in the wings? O’Malley anyone?

Perhaps it is time for the candidates for the Presidency to re-learn the lessons of the Obama Administration – relying on media love alone is not enough to be a real world leading man – isn’t that right, President Obama (courtesy of HuffPo)????

J. Geoffrey Anderson, Esq.
aka AHFF Geoff
Sole proprietor of the objective truth on American politics on the net………and self-described leader of the new media. 🙂
See my videos at James Geoffrey Anderson you tube channel
P.S. I am personally conservative but an objective analyst of the likely outcomes.  I bet Nate Silver never admits that, eh Nate? BTW once again Nate Silver and 538 are wrong – betting on Trump like morons.
P.S. Two:
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 P.S. Three:
The Times of Israel agrees that the caucus thing is silly – should be a real election.
P.S. Four:
RT has a nice pic of Hillary.
P.S. Five – Bad move endorsing too early Sarah Palin! You should know better darlin! BTW, move to the Southeast, we love you down here 🙂
P.S. Six: Hey Hilldawg, how about you start calling yourself Hillary Rodham and dump the smuck’s last name? Couldn’t hurt and America likes you better deep down. 🙂 Nice snag by Jenny Kutner there.
P.S. Seven: old media sucks



Cruz wins And the media is wrong again
A short video update:

Sanders gaining now within A few votes more to come.

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Thanksgiving Edition – New media’s Opinion Maker, J. Geoffrey Anderson, Esq

November 27th, 2015 by AHFF Geoff

A nice catch of a video for all my friendly neighborhood bloggers and the public at large.  The MSM is barred from watching cuz they steal my talking points, as do the scum politicians.


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Yesterday’s News and Opinions Posted today – on

November 26th, 2015 by AHFF Geoff

Here’s a long episode, just for my dear old dad, Mike Anderson, who went to Princeton and is a true Tiger Cat.






All Political Talking Heads on Cable TV are Weak and Lame

November 25th, 2015 by AHFF Geoff

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