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NYT Accelerates Obama Worship With Cross and Halo Combo Photo

March 15th, 2010 by AHFF Geoff

The NYT Moves to a New Level of Obama Worship with this photo, clearly intended to draw comparisons of Obama to Christian Messiah Jesus Christ

At a time when the establishment media, led by the NYT, is ignoring the untoward Democratic procedure trickery regarding Obamacare (“Slaughter Solution”) and downplaying the substantive special interest pork Obama is using to purchase votes, the NYT truly sets the standard for Obama worship with the photo reproduced here, showing Obama as a messiah-like figure in front of large cross, with a halo around his head, clearly intended to draw comparisons to Christian savior Jesus Christ.

This is nothing new for the NYT, their Obamaphile journalists like Peter Baker and other establishment media, as the cheerleading of the Obama candidacy and then Presidency has been continuous and systemic since the inception of Obama’s campaign for President in 2007.   As the clock counts down on perhaps the most important vote in Congress in decades, the House vote on Obamacare, we can expect to see even more frantic Obama worship by the establishment media in the attempt to convince the American public to support the unpopular bill.  Centrist, independent and non-ideological Americans are left to wonder what establishment media coverage of the Obama Administration would look like if the narrative-setting giant NYT reported in an objective, as opposed to supportive, manner regarding the Obama Presidency.

A final note from this NYT article bears mentioning. Despite tons of rhetoric about how this week’s House Obamacare vote is so critical to Obama’s Presidency, the establishment media also sets a new narrative into action, claiming that if the House vote fails, Obama’s Presidency will be a-okay. Apparently the establishment media, as orchestrated by the Obama Administration, wants to have all its bases covered as this final week of the Obamacare battle begins.

Still, for all the potential consequences, it is probably too hyperbolic to suggest the presidency rides on this moment. If he fails this week, Mr. Obama could still recover. Even a weakened president has enormous capacity to set an agenda. For all the damage Mr. Clinton absorbed from the failure of his health care plan and the Republican takeover, he eventually found his footing again and won re-election handily.

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11 Responses to “NYT Accelerates Obama Worship With Cross and Halo Combo Photo”

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  2. Bill says:

    How is this article “centrist” in nature? Why suggest that NYT is a narrative-setting giant and not recognize that Fox News is more so. Do you also condemn Fox’s portrayl of Bush as the keeper of all things christian?

  3. AHFF Geoff says:

    Bill – yes.

  4. Fraudbama and Ronald Wilson Reagan…

    Which would you prefer?  A halo and a cross behind a fraud jesus christ (you know we aren’t a christian nation anymore, right?) or an upright Statesman Ronald Wils ……

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  7. Kailyn says:

    c38iBH Very true! Makes a change to see somenoe spell it out like that. 🙂

  8. licensed says:


    NYT Accelerates Obama Worship With Cross and Halo Photo | CentristNet

  9. ism says:


    NYT Accelerates Obama Worship With Cross and Halo Photo | CentristNet

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