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Planet Terra Explained by a Partial Earthling

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

double whore

In times of struggle and anguish
One can be pushed adroitly astray
Into the vortex of time and squish
But actually it is echos of a play

Could existence be a game infinity
Ruled by all and none only a reflection
Of those things female perhaps the Matrix chick named Trinity
But the real here is a different complexion

Pain horror and war afflict millions daily
We can only pray for relief gaily
As it Is clear that no one on Earth knows
Just which way the Nature’s wind blows

or which way i will get more spectacular blows

from the wind’s gentle yet unacknowledged lips

and avoid providing any more American tips

Addendum: why do my parents want me to freeze to death or go to jail?

Quick resume;

Top 5 student Roswell high class of 1992

Top 10 student univ of Miami Fla class of 1997

National ttitle DSR-TKA in college debate with Debbie prieto 1996

Multiple southeast CEDA titles

14th out of approx 215 in University of Georgia School of Law class of 2004

Magna cum laude and phi kappa phi

Worked for three big firms and put Ehrenclou with Grover in 2011. Made them millions.  They refuse to pay me

Why do Hennen Ehrenclou and Kavan Singh Grover refuse to pay my company Anderson company LLC?


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